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Hi and welcome to Bollywoodmood.

On this website you can find the many thing related to Bollywood, such as:

– The Latest Soundtracks
You can listen to the albums, watch the videos and read Bollywoodmood`s review.

– Bollywood Songs by Mood/Genre
Lists with songs categorized by genre/mood (such as party, sad and happy songs) and lists with songs from a specific theme (like rock songs, songs
about friendship or romantic duets).

– Monthly Top 10
Every month a list with the top 10 songs (Bollywoodmood`s choice) from movies that month.

– Bollywood Chart
A chart with the most popular Bollywood songs of the moment. You can also check out the new popular songs on the right side of the website.

– Movie information and trailers
Release dates from upcoming movies, information about the movies and the trailers.

– Watch Bollywood Movies
You can watch movies categorized by genre.

You can find everything on the front page and/or on the menu on top.

More things are on the way. If you want to have any input, if you have any requests (like lists with songs or content of the website), any suggestions or questions you can get in touch through the forum or send an email to info@bollywoodmood.com.