Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein

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Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein

Our life revolves around perception of truth as we act only on our ability to judge it. Truth though is a fickle thing, paradoxically because it only occurs in absolution; rest is only our interpretation that allows us to live in a certain subjective truth.


Movie Information
Director: Manish Srivastav
Producer: Karan Arora
Actors: Naseeruddin Shah, Anand Tiwari, Manasi Rachh
Genre: Thriller
Release Date: 6 November 2015



 Nr.  Title  Composer  Lyricist  Singer(s)
 1.  I Am Single  Harry Anand  Harry Anand  Neha Kakkar, Harry Anand and AJ Singh
 2.  Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein  Vishal & Seagal  Sandeep Nath  Neha Kakkar, Abhijit Sawant
 3.  Let’s Play Boy  Rohit Kulkarni  Karan Arora  Nisha Mascarence
 4.  Saali Bhand