Direct Ishq

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Direct Ishq

Vicky, a rough and aggressive local boy from Banaras and Kabeer a rich, Mumbai-based event organiser born in Banaras, both falling for a bubbly, mischievous, yet wise Banaras girl, Dolly. Who will win Dolly’s heart? The local boy who carries a revolver and is always ready for a fight? Or the smart, rich Mumbai lad who promises to help Dolly with her singing career?


Movie Information
Director: Rajiv S Ruia
Producer: Pradeep Sharma
Actors: Rajneesh Duggal, Nidhi Subbaiah
Genre: Masala
Release Date: 19 February 2016


Composers: Tanishk, Vivek Kar, Raeth Band and Shabir Sultaan Khan
Lyricist: A.M. Turaz

 No. Title Singer(s)
 1.  Direct Ishq    Swati Sharrma, Nakash Aziz and Arjun Daga 
 2.  Duwa Mein  Swati Sharrma
 3.  Nimboo Sa Ishq  Swati Sharrma, Nikhil D’souza and Mridul
 4.  Ganga Maiya  Swati Sharrma
 5.  Toote Tare  Swati Sharrma
 6.  Mera Kissa  Swati Sharrma
 7.  Aan Baam  Ustaad Anwar khan and Manganiyar
 8.  Mera Kissa (unplugged)  Swati Sharrma